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News # 36:
Building a framework for action: engaging thinking and attitude to create breakthroughs
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News #35
From here + now to then + there: dealing with constraints and building on strengths.
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News #34
Knowing where you stand
Working together to create windows of opportunity.
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News #33
Hopes + dreams + concrete = Practical Vision: creating a positive, shared picture of the future.
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News #32
What is strategy… really? On the difference between strategic thinking, strategy development and strategic planning.
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News #31
Working with complex visuals: how to tame horrendograms to help a group make better decisions.
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News #30
Whiteboards - a tool for (almost) every occasion: just don't use permanent markers...
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News #29
Real Questions pilot site launched. Don't let the politicians (and their parties) off the hook!
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News #28
Style - a triumph of substance over fashion: how you relate to the group affects the outcome – for better or worse.
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News #27
Product or by-product? Producing a tangible outcome strengthens the group’s sense of accomplishment and commitment.
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News #26
Pacing the group for the long and short haul: paying attention to the human dimension of group work.
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News #25
Planning + having the time of your life: respecting people with good scheduling and disciplined time management.
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News #24
From space to place: take charge of your physical space to make it work for you.
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News #23
Tools of the trade: flip charts: choosing and using flip charts for good outcomes.
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News #22
On the dynamics of innovation: some similarities between innovation and facilitation.
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News #21
Critical, crucial, difficult conversations: when there are high stakes, opposing opinions and strong emotions.
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News #20
What do you do when.... well, it depends!
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News #19
Cooking up a storm: why running a workshop is like baking a cake.
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News #18
Out of the box! Keeping a lid on the chaos and the churn under control.
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News #17
Toys of the Trade Whoever said that meetings had to be boring!?
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News #16
Sound bites, spin, elections + outcomes: an alternative perspective on managing comments.
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News #15
Cards on the table, or the wall, or... Making sure everyone gets the best deal.
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News #14
Tools of the trade: beyond questions. Woodwork anyone? Collaborative tools, materials, processes and places.
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News #13
Maximising Meeting (+ Workshop) Outcomes Sometimes a discussion is what you need rather than a full-on workshop.
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News #12
Public memory and déjà vu all over again: keeping workshop notes on task.
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News #11
Dead Horse Strategies: when you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.
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News #10
Participation 101: tuning in to participants so you can deliver better training.
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News #9
In praise of the humble marker. Or - why I'm still searching for the perfect marker.
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News #8
Getting the data you need: new outcomes demand new thinking, which in turn needs new information.
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News #7
Staying on track: distil all the factors into a single question that sets and maintains the group's focus.
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News #6
On with the show! Adding value through good design.
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News #5
Towards worthwhile meetings: get to the point by going beyond the stereotypes.
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News #4
How to plan a good meeting... A well run meeting requires good prep, clear event design and listening to the group in action.
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News #3
Write it Down and Hang it on the Wall. Towards “public memory” and good process. Kudos to Ned Ruerte.
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News #2
Tools of the trade: like journalists, facilitative leaders are interested in the gentle art of the Question.
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News #1
Connecting the dots: a framework for organisation, staff + performance management.