Collaborative tools, services and training

Meet smarter, not harder

Keep your discussions focussed and on track

...through structured conversations – large and small – that deliver both tangible and intangible outcomes...

Any discussion can get messy and unproductive. I can help you with tools and approaches to keep them on task and moving forward.
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Plan & Review see where and how you're going...

Prepare and plan

  • Introduce a new training topic
  • Prepare a short presentation
  • Prepare a group to write a report
  • Prepare a meeting agenda
  • Work on a brochure
  • Assemble a budget
  • Redesign office space
  • Select a conference topic
  • Design a customer service manual
  • Initiate market planning
  • Prepare a strategic presentation on a new product
  • Create participation guidelines
  • Build a phased timeline for a restructure project
  • Assess social trends

Evaluate and review

  • Review and celebrate the year
  • Review a consultant’s presentation
  • Debrief a planning event
  • Evaluate a seminar
  • Evaluate a curriculum
  • Evaluate the progress of a project
  • Analyse a product that didn’t sell
  • Evaluate a market package
  • Review a major report
  • Evaluate a staff service program
  • Evaluate a trade show
  • Evaluate a new business form
  • Assess the impact of a training experience
  • Analyse budget performance

Interpret & Decide

...discussions that get to the heart of the matter...

Interpret information

  • Interpret a story
  • Share an essay
  • Discuss a training video
  • Hold a movie conversation
  • Hold a news conversation
  • Ponder organisational change
  • Appraise a sales offer
  • Tailor your services to a customer’s needs
  • Interpret a systems audit
  • Reflect on a chaotic meeting
  • Consider the impact of new regulations on a product
  • Reflect on a proposal for departmental reorganisation
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Make a decision

  • Help a colleague think through a decision
  • Make assignments within a team
  • Deciding work practices
  • Discuss a staff response to a strategy document
  • Decide on a trade show strategy
  • Reframe a team’s mission
  • Determine program priorities
  • Develop terms of reference for a major project evaluation
  • Build the annual budget
  • Deal with work environment issues
  • Rework office protocol
  • Name market influences
  • Highlight the comparative profile of a firm

Manage & Mentor

...working it through for better performance...

Manage and supervise

  • Canvass employees
  • Review work descriptions
  • Interview a job applicant
  • Conduct a performance appraisal
  • Assess staff workplace needs
  • Troubleshoot a stalled project
  • Interpret a shop floor grievance
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Coach and mentor

  • Coach a colleague
  • Talk through a job description
  • Give feedback to an instructor
  • Discuss a set of employee guidelines
  • Meditate on a difficult situation
  • Mentor a staff person
  • Analyse sales statistics
  • Deal with delegation issues
  • Collaborate on a supply problem
  • Reflect on a transition
  • New managers’ reflection on their leadership roles