Collaborative tools, services and training

Meet smarter, not harder

Get organised, together

...make sense of both your best ideas and confronting issues...

Setting up and running meetings can be hard work. Maximise your return on that effort by getting professional strength help with designing the session and running the process.
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In your company or organisation

...workshops that deliver effective outcomes which everyone stands behind...

Board, management and team meetings:

  • Make the most of your time together by building a shared understanding of what you all face
  • Get real value for your collective money by staying on task and on time
  • Custom agendas that meet your real needs & interests
  • Achieve real agreement on things to move you forward, or at least be clear what you are disagreeing about

Strategic thinking, planning and action:

  • Create a practical & comprehensive vision that pulls you into the future
  • Articulate your real situation, both positive & negative - relative to that vision
  • Develop innovative strategies grounded in reality
  • Design & implement action plans that achieve true results

In your profession

...meetings and forums that find a way through the unknown...

Multi-disciplinary projects:

  • Start on the right foot with effective scoping & options analysis
  • Discern & understand all the stakeholders' perspectives
  • Identify, track and manage issues & risks
  • Develop solutions and find a way forward
  • Follow up with comprehensive review & evaluation

Conferences & seminars:

  • Spend time in dialogue with the people & ideas that interest you the most

In your community where people can have a say and contribute meaningfully...

Community engagement:

  • Build on local people’s expertise to articulate their picture of how things could be
  • Blend local & expert knowledge into a seamless whole
  • Enable all participants to have a say and be really heard

Qualitative research:

  • Get beyond the numbers with rich focus group, content analysis and interview tools