Collaborative tools, services and training

Meet smarter, not harder

Your content + my process = good outcomes

...get organised and make sense of your best ideas & issues...

I work with you where ever you are – in business, government, non-profit or a community to design & run highly participatory meetings, workshops and other events. You can focus on contributing your content as a participant, while I manage the process.

Outcomes in your organisation:

  • Management & team meetings: make the most of your time together and get real value for your collective money.
  • Strategic thinking, planning and action: create a practical & comprehensive vision that pulls you into the future.

Outcomes in your profession:

  • Multi-disciplinary projects: start on the right foot with effective scoping; follow through with comprehensive review & evaluation.
  • Conferences & seminars: spend time in dialogue with the people & ideas that most interest you.
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Outcomes in your community:

  • Community consultation & engagement: build on local people’s expertise to tell your story of how things could be.
  • Qualitative research: get beyond the numbers with rich focus group, content analysis and interview tools.