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Natural Resource Management

  • Designed & delivered tailored workshop facilitation training & coaching to Qld Murray-Darling Committee and SEQ Catchments project staff.
  • Helped design & deliver two-day "Relating, Influencing & Negotiation" sessions to national-level NRM staff. ‡
  • Facilitated strategic planning for the Board of the Burnett-Mary Regional Group.
  • Delivered "Facilitating & Leading in Groups" program to community engagement staff of the Southern Rivers CMA (now part of NSW Local Land Services).‡
  • Facilitated review for management, staff and leading stakeholders of "Leading Sheep" project, towards identifying funding re-bid elements.

Project Management

  • Facilitated business planning for senior management of Arup Programme and Project Management Group.
  • Facilitated strategic/corporate planning for management and staff of the Timor Sea Designated Authority. †
  • Designed & delivered tailored facilitation training for Arup Project Management Group and a number of its clients. ‡

Local Government

  • Designed & delivered "emotional intelligence" training for Moreton Bay Regional Council.
  • Delivered ToP Facilitation Methods training for Moreton Bay Regional Council.

International Aid & Development

  • Designed & delivered (as co-Course Leader) strategic & operational planning for senior & middle management of the Philippine Department of Public Works & Highways, together with training in the participatory processes used. §
  • Designed and delivered 13 programs for participants under the Australian Leadership Award Fellowships. Topics included facilitative leadership, train the trainer, re-entry action planning and risk management. People came from the Gabon, Ghana, Tanzania, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines. §
  • Designed & delivered (as co-Course Leader) group facilitation methods training for staff from CARE International. People came from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea.

Civil Society Organisations in Timor Leste

  • Coached the design and delivery of facilitation and communication skills for agribusiness extension officers (extensionistas) for the now completed BACET program, in Timor Leste.
  • Facilitated strategic & action planning for management and staff of Timor Aid and also PRADET, followed by training in the facilitation processes that were used.†


  • Designed & delivered "whole-of-community" visioning and planning for Cunnamulla.‡
  • Facilitated strategic planning for teachers, management/staff and parents of Samford Valley Steiner School.
‡ In conjunction with others.
§ Under the auspices of
Qld University of Technology.
† Under the auspices of the
Institute of Cultural Affairs: Australia.