Collaborative tools, services and training

Meet smarter, not harder

So, what training and development do you really need?

...I'll work with you to discern, design, deliver and embed training and development that will meet your organisation and people needs...

For your business or organisation?

  • What's your overall strategy?
  • What set of knowledge, skills and capacities do you need to achieve your outcomes?
  • What training and development will help you get there?

For your own development?

  • How well would effective collaboration and partnering skills complement your existing capacities?
  • How useful would participatory skills, knowledge and capacities be in your current or future role?

Bespoke training:

  • Content can be tailored in format, duration and detail to meet your particular needs in a range of physical settings and cultural contexts.
  • I can draw on both my own multi sector and country background together with those of partners, as required.
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Pre + post session options:

  • Focussed training and development needs dialogue and analysis to determine organisational and individual outcomes.
    My experience is that significant dialogue is required to establish the real organisational situation and to structure the intervention accordingly.
  • “Flipped” learning via pre-session use of materials, activities and frameworks. These become a foundation for both individual and group work during the session.
    My experience is that significant organisational and individual commitment is required to make this work in the face of relentless work pressures.
  • Following up with individual coaching and/or mentoring to ensure effective real-life application.
    My experience is that best results come when participants start a dialogue using a real session plan or similar. The dialogue itself best uses the formats established during the session.
  • Setting up ongoing ‘communities of practice’. Participants team up in pairs or small groups to share approaches that work and provide mutual support.
    These build on, and give form and direction to, organisational and individual commitment generated during the session.

It's Practical & Hands-on

...using a range of adult and action learning strategies...

An integrated learning flow

  • Real time demonstration of skills, techniques, tools and concepts. You experience what it’s all about in action as you work with other participants.
  • Facilitated discussions that explore and unpack demonstration process steps and underlying dynamics or principles. You discover and articulate for yourself why and how it works.
  • Individual and team/group practice activities. You 'have a go' at using the tool or concept, to learn by doing.
  • Giving and receiving structured feedback. You critically reflect on your own and others’ practice performance to drive the learning deeper.
  • Your case studies and topics that ground the training in real life situations. The experiences and issues faced by you and other participants shape the learning framework.
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