Meeting Services

Your content + my process = good outcomes. So, get organised and make sense of both your best ideas and confronting issues.

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Great meetings all start from a clear topic. Effective leaders figure out and tackle the important topics.

For each topic, what outcomes are you really after? What is helping or hindering you on the road to those results? What will you have to do to achieve them?

I work with you where ever you are – in business, government, non-profit or a community – to design and run highly participatory meetings, workshops and other events. You can focus your time, energy and headspace on getting your ideas and issues across, while I manage the process.

This supports your needs with immediate, specific benefits:

  • Elicit consensus in both small groups and large workshops.
  • Focus on getting outcomes from stakeholder round tables.
  • Build-in ownership and commitment to these outcomes.
  • Enable consistent two-way communication by completing learning and feedback loops.

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Workshops for results

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Setting up and running meetings can be hard work. Don’t waste that effort! Get professional strength help with designing the session, running the process and achieving results.

Outcomes in your company or organisation

...workshops that deliver effective outcomes which everyone stands behind...

Board, management & team meetings:

  • Make the most of your time together by building a shared understanding of what you all face
  • Get real value for your collective money by staying on task and on time
  • Custom agendas that meet your real needs and interests
  • Achieve real agreement on things to move you forward, or at least be clear what you are disagreeing about

Strategic thinking, planning and action:

  • Create a practical and comprehensive vision that pulls you into the future
  • Articulate your real situation, both positive and negative - relative to that vision
  • Develop innovative strategies grounded in reality
  • Design and implement action plans that achieve true results

Outcomes in your profession

…meetings and forums that find a way through the unknown…

Multidisciplinary projects:

  • Start on the right foot with effective scoping and options analysis
  • Discern and understand all the stakeholders' perspectives
  • Identify, track and manage risks ~ both negative and positive
  • Develop solutions and find a way forward
  • Follow up with comprehensive review and evaluation

Conferences & seminars:

  • Actually spend time in dialogue with the people and ideas that interest you the most.
  • Get beyond the usual 20 minute powerpoint download dump, 5 minute Q&A dominated by two people, 5 minute walk to the next session.

Outcomes in your community

…events where people can have a say and contribute meaningfully…

Community engagement:

  • Build on local people’s expertise to articulate their picture of how things could be
  • Blend local and expert knowledge into a seamless whole
  • Enable all participants to have a say and be really heard

Qualitative research:

  • Get beyond the numbers with rich focus group, content analysis and interview tools

Conversations that matter

People rarely set out to have messy and unproductive discussions. I can help you keep critical conversations focussed and track, through well structured dialogue processes – large and small – that deliver both tangible and intangible outcomes.

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Plan & Review

…to see where and how you’re going…

Prepare and plan

  • Introduce a new training topic
  • Prepare a short presentation
  • Prepare a group to write a report
  • Prepare a meeting agenda
  • Work on a brochure
  • Assemble a budget
  • Redesign office space
  • Select a conference topic
  • Design a customer service manual
  • Initiate market planning
  • Prepare a strategic presentation on a new product
  • Create participation guidelines
  • Build a phased timeline for a restructure project
  • Assess social trends

Evaluate and review

  • Review and celebrate the year
  • Review a consultant’s presentation
  • Debrief a planning event
  • Evaluate a seminar
  • Evaluate a curriculum
  • Evaluate the progress of a project
  • Analyse a product that didn’t sell
  • Evaluate a market package
  • Review a major report
  • Evaluate a staff service program
  • Evaluate a trade show
  • Evaluate a new business form
  • Assess the impact of a training experience
  • Analyse budget performance

Interpret & Decide

…discussions that get to the heart of the matter…

Interpret information

  • Interpret a story
  • Share an essay
  • Discuss a training video
  • Hold a movie conversation
  • Hold a news conversation
  • Ponder organisational change
  • Appraise a sales offer
  • Tailor your services to a customer’s needs
  • Interpret a systems audit
  • Reflect on a chaotic meeting
  • Consider the impact of new regulations on a product
  • Reflect on a proposal for departmental reorganisation

Make a decision

  • Help a colleague think through a decision
  • Make assignments within a team
  • Deciding work practices
  • Discuss a staff response to a strategy document
  • Decide on a trade show strategy
  • Reframe a team’s mission
  • Determine program priorities
  • Develop terms of reference for a major project evaluation
  • Build the annual budget
  • Deal with work environment issues
  • Rework office protocol
  • Name market influences
  • Highlight the comparative profile of a firm

Manage & Mentor

…working it through for better performance…

Manage and supervise

  • Canvass employees
  • Review work descriptions
  • Interview a job applicant
  • Conduct a performance appraisal
  • Assess staff workplace needs
  • Troubleshoot a stalled project
  • Interpret a shop floor grievance

Coach and mentor

  • Coach a colleague
  • Talk through a job description
  • Give feedback to an instructor
  • Discuss a set of employee guidelines
  • Meditate on a difficult situation
  • Mentor a staff person
  • Analyse sales statistics
  • Deal with delegation issues
  • Collaborate on a supply problem
  • Reflect on a transition
  • New managers’ reflection on their leadership roles