In-house training

Why spend time and effort on training packages that are bigger than what you really need? Likewise, you can avoid getting trapped in the here and now at the expense of long term benefits.

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Tailored to your needs

We begin with an in-depth discussion of your business, its vision and mission, challenges and issues. Then I will work with you to develop a bespoke in-house training program focussing on your business needs and concentrating on your organisation's specific objectives.

The size and scope of the training can be customised to suit your needs:

  • One day to multi-day sessions spread out over several months.
  • 7 to 20+ attendees.
  • Follow-up coaching & mentoring packages.

Cost savings

Deciding to bring training in-house benefits your organisation – what ever its size. The cost savings of doing this can be significant. In particular:

  • Low or no extra travel time for your people.
  • Less additional travel expenses incurred by your people (which can add up to thousands of dollars).
  • Less time away from your people's tasks at hand.
You can also enrol as many participants as you choose. Significant savings start to occur when you enrol 10 or more employees.

High return on investment

As an employer, you invest in your employees to build their skills, knowledge and capacities. Research shows that this more than doubles productivity in the employee, and reduces retention costs by two-thirds.

In addition, you can use this as an opportunity to invite current and potential partners to join in the training.

This will extend the return for the partnership by deepening the trust and connection between you, based on shared experience, language and learnings.

Finally, you can make use of prior training or experience that individual employees bring to the group. This builds on their existing skills and potentially sets them up as future mentors.


I come to you! Minimise your employees' time away from their work. I will also organise training delivery dates and hours to suit your business needs. It's your training – it's your choice!

Higher information retention

The more employees involved - the more information retained! Studies show that groups of 10 or more employees who have taken the same session together are able to retain more information due to more focussed discussions, in-depth interaction and repetition.


Your company's or organisation's confidential material stays in-house.

Trainers matched to your needs

I have forged partnerships with several leading edge organisations across Australasia. Between us, we can draw on a range of industry professionals who have successfully worked in their field of expertise for a number of years.

I can therefore match the experience and skills of the trainers with the learning outcomes required and the needs of the participants.

Training feedback

Direct qualitative and quantitative feedback is gathered from evaluation sheets distributed to participants at the conclusion of each course.

These evaluation forms are handled confidentially, with a summary of the results being presented to your organisation once the results have been processed.